The 3rd International Workshop on
 Cloud and Grid Interoperability (Cloud&Grid 2013)

Seoul, Korea, May 9-11, 2013

In Conjunction with GPC-13
"Cloud" is a common metaphor for an Internet accessible infrastructure, hiding most of the implementation and deployment details in the field of ICT. Cloud Computing is becoming a scalable services delivery and consumption platform. The backbone behind Cloud Computing includes Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Virtualization of hardware and software. 
The goal of Cloud Computing is to share resources among the cloud service consumers, cloud partners and cloud vendors in the cloud value chain. Cloud computing has been envisaged to be one of the main stream powering technologies of future ICT and next generation network.
The Cloud&Grid-13 focus on Interoperability issues of grid and computing domain. It mainly focus on designing interoperable components, experiences and lessons learnt from developing interoperable services in the cloud and grid environment. This workshop aims at providing a forum to bring together researchers for sharing and exchanging cloud and Grid computing related research, technologies, experience, and lessons for building clouds of interoperability and coordination capabilities and services. 
We believe this workshop will be a place to help the research community to define their novel ideas in the current state of grid-cloud interoperability issues. In addition the workshop will help to define the future goals and services that cloud needs to support in various intensive commercial and enterprise application.
Distinguished papers accepted and presented in Cloud&Grid 2013, after further revisions, will be published in the special issues of the following international journals:
 - Cluster Computing (CC) - Springer (SCI-E)
Journal of Supercomputing  Cluster Computing   Human-centric Computing and Information Sciences     Journal of Convergence    
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