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* Important Notice *
We will notify the FULL paper result based on review scores and relationship between main topic of the SI (Special Issue) and content of the paper until Feb. 22.
The name and the author guideline of the recommended journal will be also notified. 
Unregistered papers are not included in the Final version of the program which can be downloaded via the following link: AIM-Program-Final
We only accept and include the registered papers done by Jan. 18th 12:00 PM in KST (Korean Standard Time) at the latest. 
Please send us an email to if anyone, who already paid, couldn't find the paper on the program.

[Important Date]
Registration Due:  Jan. 15, 2012 (Hard Deadline. No More Extension)

All accepted abstract papers will be included in the conference proceedings published by FTRA.

[Important Instrustions]
- Registration
At least one author per paper MUST be accompanied by one mandatory registration and the registration fee must be paid by **January 15, 2012**.
Without a dedicated registration, the paper cannot be included in proceeding. Also, the paper's all authors will be included in the FTRA black list.
For detailed information on registration fees and online registrations, you can see it in the AIM 2012 registration site (

[Full Paper for Special Issues (SCI/E)]
Full Paper Submission Due: Feb. 5, 2012
** ONLY AUTHORS of the accepted abstract in AIM-12 can submit the full papers for the SIs.

Expected Accept rate for SIs from full paper submissions:  40~60 %

[Important Criteria of acceptance for the SIs]
 1. full paper review score (60%)
 2. Oral presentation score (30%)
 3. Professional experiences (10%)

** Recent 3 years publication list and short biography of the 1st author should be provided at last page of the full paper.

The 2012 FTRA International Conference on Advanced IT,
engineering and Management
(FTRA AIM 2012)
Hana Square, Korea Universtiy, Seoul, Korea, 6-8 February 2012

The 2012 FTRA International Conference on Advanced IT, engineering and Management (FTRA AIM 2012) will be held in Seoul, Korea, Feb. 6-8, 2012. The Conference is aimed at addressing key themes on "Advanced IT, engineering and Management".
There will be a combination of presentations including scientific papers. Prospective authors are invited, in the first instance, to submit papers for oral presentation in any of the areas of interest for this conference. Authors who wish to submit a full paper to the Special Issues(SCI & SCIE) may submit a two page summary to the AIM 2012.
Please note that acceptance of a paper at the AIM 2012 does not guarantee acceptance in the Special Issues(SCI & SCIE). 

All accepted abstract papers will be included in the conference book proceeding published by FTRA.
Full papers submitted to the special issues will under go the review process of the Special Issues, which is independent of the AIM 2012 review process. We will notify the FULL paper result based on review scores and relationship between main topic of the SI (Special Issue) and content of the paper until Feb. 22. The name and the author guideline of the recommended journal will be also notified.

Distinguished papers accepted and presented in AIM 2012, after further revisions, will be published in the special issues of the following international journals:
■ Topics : Technical papers will be presented in the following major topics:

* Advanced Cryptography and Security
   - Encryption and cryptography
   - Block/Stream Ciphers 
   - Hash Functions 
   - Mathematical and Algorithmic Foundations of Applied Cryptography 
   - Design and Analysis of Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols 
   - Pairing Based Cryptography 
   - Information Security with Mathematical Emphasis 
   - Public Key Cryptosystems 
   - Side Channel Attack 
   - Authentication and Non-repudiation 
   - Access Control and Authorization 
   - Identity and Trust Management 
   - Intrusion Detection, Tolerance and Prevention 
   - Secure communications 
   - Digital Signatures 
   - Critical infrastructure protection 
   - Digital rights management 
   - Trust computing 
   - Security for M2M Platform 
   - Theories, methods, tools and techniques in managing security 
   - Security and privacy standards 
   - Common Criteria 
   - Risk evaluation and security certification 
   - Security Policy 
   - Trust model and management 
   - Security for Open convergence system

* Wireless Sensor Network, Smart Devices and Services
   - Wearable intelligence 
   - Wireless sensor networks (WSN) / RFID application 
   - Network Middleware and protocols 
   - WSN and Context awareness model 
   - Smart and Personal Devices 
   - Smartphone Security issues 
   - Embedded hardware and software 
   - Real-time OS 
   - Power-aware Computing 
   - Smart building applications and services
   - Multimedia security and services 
   - Authentication, access control, and privacy protection 
   - Commercial and industrial applications
* Advanced Vehicular Communications Technology
   - IT-based Convergence Technology and Service on Intelligent Transportation Systems 
   - Inter-Vehicle & Infra-Vehicle Communication Technologies 
   - Vehicle Wireless Medium Access Control & Networking Technology 
   - Wireless & Wireline Convergence Technology in Vehicle 
   - Advanced Sensor and Sensor Information Convergence Technology 
   - High-accuracy Positioning Technology for Vehicle 
   - Security Issues in Vehicle Communication Environment 
   - Local Dynamic Map Services 
   - Remote Vehicle Control Services 
   - Vehicular Diagnostics Technology 
   - Applications and Scenarios for Convergence Technology and Service on ITS 
   - Others: Commercial or Industrial Issue in ITS

* Social Networks,P2P, Grid and Cloud computing
   - Social computing and social intelligence
   - Ubiquitous computing and mobile systems
   - Cloud Computing
   - Grid Computing
   - Peer to Peer Computing
   - Green Computing
   - Security and Trust Issues in Cloud and Grid Computing 
   - Platform and Infrastructure in Cloud and Grid Computing
   - Grid Network its Servicess and Applications
   - Economic-based and Utility computing models in Cloud and Grid Computing

* Strategic Security Management for Industrial Technology
   - Industrial Security Policy & Law
   - Industrial Security Education & Organization
   - Industrial Risk Assessment and Evaluation
   - Security Return on Investment
   - Intelligence Surveillance System(CCTV, Access Control, Alarm Monitoring)
   - Information Protecting and Control (Mail and Messenger Security, Device Security, Enterprise Right Management,    Database Security)
   - Contents Monitoring and Filtering
   - Digital Forensic System
   - Security Convergence Architecture
   - Watermarking and Steganography 
   - Computer Forensics 
   - Information assurance 
   - Emergent challenges in security and assurance
   - IPTV security services in the BcN 
   - Security issues for Broadband convergence Network (BcN)

* Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Surveillance Systems
   - Audio-visual surveillance 
   - Audio & Video based event recognition and abnormal behavior detection 
   - Gesture and activity classification for surveillance system 
   - Knowledge representation and ontology engineering for surveillance system 
   - Machine learning methods for surveillance system 
   - Semantic scene representation and interpretation 
   - Semantic-driven user and context modeling, acquisition and representation 
   - Platforms, middleware and software architectures for SHE
   - Other artificial intelligence and pattern recognition approaches for surveillance system 
   - Other smart home issues and technologies
* Ubiquitous Computing and Services
   - Evolution of New Generation U-Business Philosophies
   - Trust and Value Creation through New Generation U-Business Applications
   - Knowledge Management through New Generation U-Business Applications
   - Service Competence of New Generation U-Business Applications
   - Strategic Experimentation Paradigm for a U-Business Applications
   - U-Business /IT Infrastructure Requirements
   - Entrepreneurial U-Business Best Practices
   - Legal, Ethical, Cultural, Training and Social Issues related to U-Business
   - Design, Development and Implementation of U-Business
   - Case Studies and Experience Reports of U-Business
   - Emergence of New Generation U-Business Applications
   - U-Business Readiness
   - Development of U-Business Professionalism 
* Mobile Cloud Computing
   - New architecture of mobile technologies and applications in cloud computing
   - Middleware technologies for mobile cloud computing
   - Delay tolerance technologies and applications for wireless communication
   - Software structure for mobile cloud application,
   - Thin client layer on mobile devices
   - Collaborative operations in mobile cloud computing
   - Mobile social network for wireless communication and cloud computing
   - Security in wireless communication and mobile cloud computing  
   - Business model for wireless communication and mobile cloud computing
   - Private-commercial-government communication system interoperability
   - Wireless communications in multidimensional complex urban environments
   - Emergency services and disaster recovery of networks and applications
   - Techniques for flexible spectrum usage for wireless communication
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